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KEMP Grey Blanket 30% Wool

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by: KEMP

SKU# 10-604

KEMP Grey Blanket 30% Wool

by: KEMP

SKU #10-604

Wool blankets are one of the main items we are known for at KEMP. In the past, we have made them for a small group of dealers but now have decided to catalog them for all our dealers. Our blankets have been used as relief blankets, hospital blankets, military blankets, hotel blankets, donation blankets, disaster supply, horse blankets, refugee blankets and humanitarian aid blankets. We can also do flannel blankets and polar fleece blankets.

The Kemp 30% wool blanket is a great all around blanket and is our best seller.

Color: Grey
QTY: 1
Product Dimensions: 60" x 84"
Product Weight: 3 lbs

Case QTY: 8
Case Dimensions: 20" x 14" x 18"
Case Weight: 26 lbs

Bale QTY: 30
Bale Dimensions: 34" X 24" X 20"
Bale Weight: 86 lbs

Item#: 10-604
Colors: Grey
Dimensions: 60" x 84"
Weight: 2.5lbs.